Michele Bachmann Reveals Doctor's Note Explaining Migraines


Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has gotten a doctor's note explaining her migraines after anonymous staffers claimed the condition could hamper her presidency if she is elected.

On Tuesday the Daily Caller reported that staffers said the migraines are "debilitating," forcing her to stop working until the symptoms ease. They suggested the headaches could affect a possible Bachmann presidency.

Bachmann admitted that she does indeed suffer from migraines, saying, "I'm prescribed medication that I take on occasion whenever symptoms arise and they keep my migraines under control. But I'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively ... will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief."

To back up her claim, on Wednesday she released a letter from her doctor, Brian Monahan. It read in part:

Your migraines occur infrequently and have known trigger factors of which you are aware and know how to avoid. When you do have a migraine you are able to control it well with as-needed sumatriptan and odansetron. It has not been necessary for you to take daily scheduled medications to manage this condition.

Bachmann said she has found a link between the headaches and days that she wears high-heeled shoes, the Daily Mail reports.

Here is the complete letter:

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