Michael Lowe Claims Lubricant Permanently Damaged Penis, Files Lawsuit

Michael Lowe has filed a lawsuit alleging that a sex lubricant called "Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel" caused his penis to burn, swell and suffer permanent damage.

According to Courthouse News Service, Lowe is suing the The Kama Sutra Co., Kamsut Inc. and the sex shop in Philadelphia where he bought the lubricant.

Lowe claims that on September 1, 2012, he applied the lubricant to his penis before putting on a condom to have sex with his fiancee.

The couple's intercourse was interrupted by the sounds of their daughter waking in the next room.

While his fiancee went to check on her, Lowe waited in bed where he experienced “excruciating pain and pressure in his penis," says his lawsuit.

According to the suit, “He removed the condom and his penis swelled significantly. He sought emergency medical treatment and follow-up care thereafter.”

"[Lowe suffered] permanent scarring and disfigurement of the penis, permanent loss of sensation in the penis, permanent loss of functioning of the penis, permanent nerve damage to the penis, permanent tissue damage to the penis, and the inability to ejaculate.”

Lowe claims the lubricant was defective and his injuries are the result of negligence on the part of the manufacturer and “were in no way caused by acts or omissions on his part.”

Source: Courthouse News Service


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