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Michael Jackson’s Dr. Aksenoff Links Death to Skin Whitening Drugs

When you mow your lawn and cut off the tops of the weeds, the weeds will always come back. Unless you get down on your knees with your $2 weeder and pull out the roots of the weeds the weeds will always return.

Dr. Conrad Murray is about to stand trial for the death of Michael Jackson. According to the prosecution the cause of death was that Dr. Conrad Murray administered too much propofol and too many other sedatives. The question is, ‘Why was Michael Jackson repeatedly demanding that Dr. Murray give him propofol and other sedatives for his insomnia? Why did Michael Jackson suffer from insomnia?”

Michael Jackson’s autopsy toxicology screen revealed that he had ephedrine in his blood. Ephedrine is a stimulant and a common side effect of ephedrine is insomnia, trouble sleeping. Another side effect of ephedrine is fast or irregular heart beats, heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

Dr. Eugene Aksenoff is an 86 years old specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Eugene Aksenoff worked as a United States Army Doctor at the U.S. Army Hospital in Tokyo for seven years and then became the founder and medical director of the International Clinic in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Eugene Aksenoff was the doctor for Michael Jackson and his children on four separate occasions in Tokyo, Japan between 1996 and 2007. Dr. Aksenoff has treated many celebrities including Madonna and the President of France, Jacques Chirac.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009. Dr. Aksenoff gave an interview to The Japan Times on July 16, 2009. In 2007 Michael Jackson asked Dr. Aksenoff for some stimulants so that he could get through his performances. Dr. Aksenoff refused to give Michael the ephedrine saying to Michael, like Dr. Michel Nostradamus, “If you start using them, you cannot stop increasing the amount. They will kill you in three years.” Dr. Aksenoff said that he suspected that the cause of death was an overdose of addictive drugs such as stimulants. Why did Michael Jackson need stimulants like ephedrine? Why was Michael Jackson fatigued, other than the massive amounts of sedatives he was taking to come down from the ephedrine?    

Dr. Aksenoff said that another cause of Michael Jackson’s fatigue for which he wanted stimulants was excessive use of steroids and other drugs taken for a long time both orally and in skin absorbing lotions to whiten his skin. Dr. Aksenoff said, “He once told me that he was taking drugs to whiten his skin.”

The day after he died the police found at Michael Jackson’s home ephedrine, prednisone, benoquin, kojic acid and retinoic acid among numerous other drugs. Benoquin cream is a skin whitening depigmenting agent with hydroquinone, a common film developing chemical. Police found at Michael’s home 19 tubes of hydroquinone skin bleaching cream and 18 tubes of benoquin which Michael had been using to whiten his skin.

Dr. Aksenoff also said that Michael Jackson had undergone skin transplants. Given the whiteness of Michael’s skin Dr. Aksenoff said that he suspected that Michael Jackson had taken far more steroids and other drugs than normally prescribed.

One time Dr. Aksenoff treated Prince and Paris for high fevers. Michael was exhausted after a sleepless night. If Dr. Conrad Murray gave Michael 50 mg. of propofol at night on June 24, 2009 and then again in the morning of June 25, 2009 because Michael was exhausted and demanding it and threatening to fire Dr. Murray from his $1.5 M per year contract, then this would explain the lethal dose of propofol and sedatives and ephedrine in Micahel’s blood. Michael begged Dr. Aksenoff for stimulants and said that he would pay for it, but Dr. Aksenoff refused, saying, “It’s not about the money.” Now, who is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson? There seems to be plenty of blame to go around.


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