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Miami Karate School Ad Offensive and Stereotypical

Key Biscayne's Academy of Martial Arts has released two ads that border on offensive. The first one depicts a little boy walking in his mother's high heels, and the second shows the boy trying on red lipstick in front of a mirror. The tagline reads, "Karate lessons." The print advertisements were created by Miami-based ad agency Zubi.

Is it really necessary to trot out tired old stereotypes in order to promote a business? Not all gay people enjoy cross-dressing, and plenty of gay people enjoy sports and martial arts. Furthermore, being a man who likes to dress in women's clothes doesn't preclude having an interest in karate.

On The Daily What, one site where this article was posted, commenter Cosinex said, "This is a true story; a friend of mine is/was a transwoman, and as a little boy "he" always wanted to wear makeup and skirts and such. The first therapist told her parents to enroll her in karate to toughen "him" up. She loved it, but still wanted dresses. Thankfully, her next therapist was better. She's now post-op, unfairly hot, and a black-belt."

Let's hope the guys at Zubi and the Academy of Martial Arts don't run into this karate-loving transsexual any time soon.


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