Mexican Man Dies After Giving Himself Injections To Grow Breasts

A Mexican man died eight days after injecting himself with oil in an attempt to grow breasts for a beauty pageant.

Metro reports Juan Manuel Sanchez, also known as Bebo, wanted nothing more than to enter and win a beauty pageant in Hunucma, Mexico. A friend suggested he inject oil into his chest in an attempt to grow the breasts, and with good intentions, Sanchez did just that.

Almost immediately after injecting himself with oil, Sanchez started to feel sick, reports Monster Viral. His worried friends wanted to help, so they gave Sanchez Valium to ease the pain. But Sanchez fell asleep after taking the drug, and the friends eventually left him, hoping he’d get better.

Early the next morning, the friends quickly realized Sanchez wasn’t getting any better, and the beauty pageant hopeful was rushed to hospital. Sadly, eight days later, Sanchez died.

“A man has died after injecting himself with a substance,” a police representative said. “We are talking to witnesses to establish the facts of what happened.”

Doctors say the man’s body rejected the oil once he injected it, and by the time of his death, it had spread to his brain and lungs.

Sources: Metro UK, Monster Viral

Photo Sources: Via Metro UK


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