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Methadone Clinic Owner Edward Jacobs Tried to Burn Down Competing Clinic

A rivalry between two methadone clinics in Tyler, Texas led to attempted arson and almost murder, reports

Building contractor Daniel Kubisty pleaded guilty to attempted arson, after he accepted $3,000 from Edward Jacobs (pictured), owner of the Methadone Clinic of East Texas, to burn down Jacobs' rival, the Add-Life Recovery Center methadone clinic.

The ATF arrested Kubisty in March of 2012 when police discovered a gas can with a wick in the back of his truck.

After Kubisty was arrested, Jacobs arranged a meeting with a possible hit-man to murder Kubisty to keep him from testifying.

Jacobs allegedly offered the hit man $12,000, but ATF arrested Jacobs at the scene after monitoring the conversation.

Kubisty pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempted arson and faces 5 to 20 years in prison, while Jacobs pleaded guilty to attempted arson and solicitation of murder in December. Jacobs faces up to 20 years in prison for each charge.


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