Pregnancy-Related Hormone HCG Can Help Lose Weight


As I partner with women to achieve their most robust health, the ass-kicking challenge of weight loss often is up, particularly among my patients who are 35+ and manage thyroid dysfunction along with an insanely busy life.

How do I approach weight loss? Myriad ways, but I start with optimizing hormone balance of estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenals. Then we look more broadly at insulin and leptin to assess metabolic markers of health. Alongside we address emotional underpinnings and habitual patterns that connect to disordered eating.

Often that is enough to reach a healthy, sustainable weight.

Occasionally, as a last resort, we consider a metabolism reset such as the HCG protocol.

My extensive review of the HCG literature, both trials and uncontrolled studies dating back 50 years, leads me to suggest it to some women and I find it is often effective when the previously-mentioned issues have been addressed first. In fact, while 90% of dieters regain weight within 1 year, only 30-40% of HCG users regain weight. That outcome is extraordinary in the field of weight loss.

WTF is HCG? It’s a hormone that is released in massive quantities (50,000 – 100,000 IU) in pregnancy but in smaller quantity appears to remodel the hypothalamus. Why care about the hypothalamus? People, it’s the control center for your hormonal balance. Correcting every little hormone is so last year. All the damage you’ve done with stress and chronic dieting – you may be able to get a second chance with HCG.

My MO is evidence-based integration – so you must know that I don’t recommend the business-as-usual HCG program – I favor homeopathic HCG and for shorter cycles. After collecting data on hundreds of my own patients, I find a 21-day protocol to be the most effective.

If you’ve had weight gain related to your thyroid dysregulation, consider HGC as a short-term reset. There aren’t many interventions that remodel your hypothalamus – meditation is one, HCG is another.

-Written by Dr. Gottfried


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