Mentally Ill Man Stabs 6 Children, 1 Woman In South China

A mentally ill Chinese man stabbed six primary school children and one woman on their way home from school on Tuesday afternoon in a village just outside Maoming.

The man, 32-year-old Mr. Liao, attacked all seven victims with a cleaver.

According to a spokeswoman from the Maoming city government who declined to share her name, Liao was detained within ten hours of the incident.

The victims are now in stable condition.

Since the Chenpeng Primary School attack last December, where Min Yongjun stabbed young children on their way to morning classes, parents have voiced their concerns over school safety measures. To date, the country has merely promised to place one security guard at every school. Some local police authorities have distributed pitchforks and pepper spray to security guards, their greatest defense against attackers in a country where guns are generally unavailable to civilians.

Gun permits can sometimes be acquired for hunting, but obtaining a gun for defense and without a permit can lead to the maximum penalty for illegal possession of a firearm: Death.

The continued violence, attributed mostly to the mentally ill, has occurred because of a lack of understanding about mental health.

"Innovation in the management of society is not only essential,” Wen Jiabo, China’s Premier, previously said, “but urgent.”

Sources: ABC News, Straits Times


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