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Mentally Disabled Chinese Man Locked In Cage For Over 40 Years (Video)

A mentally disabled Chinese man has spent more than 40 years locked in a cage by his 80-year-old mother, who has appealed for somebody to take care of him when she passes away.

According to the Daily Mail, 48-year-old Peng Weiqing has been kept in the cage in his mother’s Zhengzhou home, in central China’s Henan Province, since he was 6 years old.

Peng Waimei, Weiqing’s mother, says that she only treated her son this way to protect him.

Weiqing suffered a series of health issues as a child, including high fever, which left him brain-damaged. Waimei and her late husband have been feeding their son through the bars of the cage ever since.

Weiqing also suffered severe epileptic seizures at the age of six.

They could not afford medical treatment, so Waimei’s husband built a series of cages that expanded as Weiqing grew older to prevent him from hurting himself.

“He can’t control himself,” Waimei said. “When he was young, quite often he would cut himself with a knife and glass debris. Even when walking, he could suddenly fall down and hit his face and make it bleed. He must know me, although he may not know the meaning of ‘mother.’ He is my 48-year-old child.”

A similar case, this time about a schizophrenic man who beat a 13-year-old to death in 2001 has reportedly spent a decade in a cage. He uses a pan for a toilet and has been placed in shackles.

The Independent reported in May that 42-year-old Wu Yuanhong is fed three times a day by his mother Wang Muxiang, 74, at their Ruichang home, in the country’s east Jiangxi Province.


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