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Nebraska Law to Require Mental Health Screening Before Abortion?

Just two days before the new law is scheduled to take effect, a Nebraska judge will rule on whether or not to block the new "mental health screening" requirement for obtaining an abortion.

Nebraska TV reports:

A federal judge will weigh whether to block a new Nebraska law requiring mental health screenings for women seeking an abortion from taking effect in mid-July.

The law would require women wanting abortions to be screened by doctors or other health professionals to determine whether they were pressured into having the procedure. They also would be screened for risk factors indicating they could have problems after an abortion.

The law is being challenged in court by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, who argues the rule is vague and nearly impossible to correctly implement.

Under the law, doctors would have to screen for risk factors for post-abortion complications based on an almost limitless rang of information published in medical studies, even studies with contested and ambiguous conclusions. The law also doesn't provide doctors any guidance about how to evaluate which of the findings to include when they screen patients.

"Many of them are decades old; some of them -- a century old. Many, of course, are out of date. Many have been debunked. Many are irrelevant to the patient's care," said Planned Parenthood's CEO Jill June.

The hearing will be held on July 13th.


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