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Men Think About Sex, Food And Sleep More Often Than Women Do, Study Suggests

A new study suggests that men think about sex, food and sleep more than women do.

While study results did not match up to the urban legend that they think about sex every seven seconds, they did show that men think about sex about twice as much as women do in a day, according to the Mail Online.

Men have sexual thoughts once every 28 minutes on average, while women think about sex every 51 minutes on average, according to

The frequency of sexual daydreams men and women in the study had varied widely among different individuals from both genders.

One woman thought had about 140 sexual thoughts in a day — one thought every seven minutes.

Men also had higher average frequencies for the amount of times they thought about food and sleep per day than women.

Women thought about food about once every hour while men thought about it about once every 40 minutes.  Men also thought about sleep more than double the number of times women did in a day.

Some researchers involved with the study said it is difficult to gauge how accurate data from these kinds of studies is.

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