Men Becoming More Depressed in 21st Century


According to a report published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, male depression may very well increase in the 21st century.

As a result of a combination of factors -- including bad economic conditions and changing societal roles -- more and more men are reportedly succumbing to depression and the symptoms that go along with it. In fact, the cases of depression are getting so prevalent, that professionals are issuing warning signs for families to watch for.

Living in a time that has become known as the “mancession,” men are being forced to adjust to the shifting roles, which traditionally featured men being the breadwinners of their particular families. Many professionals are now suggesting that in order to offset this possible condition, males should make a conscious effort to immerse themselves in family life, as women traditionally have.

Signs of depression includes but isn’t limited to:

* Men turn their feelings outward, blaming others rather than themselves for their problems;

* They worry whether they are receiving enough love and praise, unlike depressed women who tend to doubt their own lovability and shy away from praise;

* Anger, irritability and egotism are indicators of possible male depression;

* Creating conflict and displaying hostility are signs of depression in men;

* Men tend to lash out and act controlling when depressed;

* Rather than sleep too much, depressed males sleep too little;

* Restlessness, agitation and hostility are symptoms of potential depression in males;

* Self-medication with alcohol, television, sports and sex are common symptoms of male depression.

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