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Meet the Kelloggs: Family of 14 Permanently Hits the Road in Their RV

Susie and Dan Kellogg decided one day to pack up, sell their home, and hit the road in their RV—with all of their 12 kids.

“This is what freedom is,” Dan Kellogg told the "Today" show. “You go after it.”

The Kellogg Kids, ages 3 to 19, are “RV-schooled” every morning, but are free to explore every afternoon as the family travels the country.

“I want them to live life in the moment and not be living for tomorrow or ‘After my kids are grown’ or ‘Thank God it’s Friday,’” Susie said, explaining why she and her husband decided to permanently hit the road.

The oldest child, Kerry, graduated high school last year but decided to opt out college to join her family on the road while working on graphic design projects.

“[At first] I thought that going in an RV wasn’t normal and was weird,” Kerry told the "Today" show. But "we can do anything we want now. Anything. And nothing is holding us back.”

The Kelloggs, of course, document their travels and adventures on their website,, as well as on their Twitter feed, Facebook, and YouTube channel. They have even written a parenting book called “Raising a Badass Family” described by Dan as "a ramped-up, modern version of that which Dr. Spock and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton pioneered in both the 1940s and 1990s."

In a recent blog post, Susie wrote:

“This lifestyle also allows our kids to remain kids for as long as they wish. They run, climb trees, build fires, play pranks, wrestle, yell, scream, holler and laugh all day everyday. Dally summed up the enticement of RV life in one simple sentence: “I like having my house on wheels because I can go anywhere I want without having to pack and plan.” Yes! Freedom. Freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want! We don’t play well by other people’s rules. We don’t like to be told what we can and cannot do. This nomad life is exactly what we were born to do!

“And it doesn’t hurt that sometimes we are treated like rock stars by people who recognize us from YouTube or our blog! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world.”


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