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Medical Students Cut What They Thought Was Baby's Umbilical Cord, Make Huge Mistake

Medical students in Mexico accidentally cut off part of a baby’s penis because they reportedly thought it was his umbilical cord.

Diego Rangel Izaguirre started to get worried when he still hadn’t seen his baby two hours after his partner, Zulem Contreras, gave birth, reports Tuko. Doctors reportedly told him there had been a “minor accident” but didn’t go into detail. After pressing them, they finally told him what had happened.

Medical students reportedly tried to cut the baby’s umbilical cord, but they accidentally cut off part of his penis. To make it worse, a surgeon attempted to cover up the students’ mistake by sewing it back together. By the end of the procedure, there were three separate cuts on the baby's penis.

“When my child was born and they cut his umbilical cord, they injured his penis,” Izaguirre said, reports the Daily Mail. “And unfortunately, when the surgeon started sewing it, he made two other new injuries, almost 2 centimeters deep.”

Despite the claims, the hospital maintains the parents' story is inaccurate.

“The Regional Delegation rejects the versions spread by media according to which the genitals of a newborn ‘were cut’ in the General Hospital No. 1,” a hospital spokesman said. “During the cut of the umbilical cord, the skin of the prepuce (foreskin) was accidentally injured and repaired through the usual circumcision process that was consented by the parents.”

Reports note that the hospital has launched an investigation into the incident.

Sources: TukoDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Dave Herholz/FlickrKenny Louie/Flickr


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