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Medical Mystery Surrounds 14-Month-Old Baby (Video)

Jemmah John is only 14 months old, but she has been to the doctor enough to last a lifetime. But physicians are baffled by what's wrong with the toddler from Geauga County, Ohio (video below). 

When Jemmah was 3 weeks old, she stopped breathing and her parents, Kilah and Brandon John, learned she had two heart defects. The medical mystery deepened when her pediatrician revealed the toddler wasn’t growing.

To date, Jemmah has 25 diagnoses, but no underlying cause has been discovered. She has been hospitalized 17 times and undergone three surgeries, one test under anesthesia, seen eight specialists and a battery of other doctors.

Despite the long list of diagnoses, doctors don’t know what’s causing Jemmah’s problems, WOIO reported. She needs a feeding tube and gas is pumped out to relieve her discomfort — she takes five different medications every day.

"That's the hardest part, not knowing,” Kilah said.

Brandon agreed: “It's been a rough road. We've had our ups and downs, for sure.”

Jemmah was recently hospitalized after she had a high fever for several days. Although she has since been released, her family has started a crowd-funding page to offset the cost of her medical care.

According to the YouCaring page, Jemmah is “lined up for two more surgeries, two tests under anesthesia, three test under anesthesia that need biopsies done, and an overnight sleep study, as well as further genetic blood testing.”

Still, her family is trying to stay hopeful that Jemmah will someday be able to thrive like her two older siblings. "We just want her to have a normal childhood. That's what anyone wants for their kid,” Kilah said.

Brandon said: "I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but, I think it's going to be a little while yet.”

Sources: WOIO, YouCaring / Photo credit: Via YouCaring


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