Medical Miracle Allows Blind Woman To See


Woman blind for 21 years regains sight from spinal surgery. Florida resident Mary Ann Franco went blind after a devastating car accident in 1995. 20 years later, she fell down in her home and injured her neck. So Dr. John Afshar performed spinal surgery to ease discomfort. In a medical miracle, Mary Ann could suddenly see again. The doctor was shocked, "I really don’t have a scientific explanation for it. It could have been the result of the artery being kinked. And when we performed the surgery itself, we probably unknowing un­kinked that vessel and reestablished blood flow and therefore she could have regained her vision. Mary Ann says she was colorblind before her accident, but now she can see in full color. Mary said, " Oh, God it’s so wonderful to see. I’m the happiest woman in the whole wide world."

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