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Medical Marijuana For Dogs (Video)

Over the past few years, humans have testified about the helpfulness of CBD, cannabidiol, in treating seizures and other ailments. CBD is a part of marijuana that doesn't cause people to get high. Now, some dogs are receiving CBD treatments for their illnesses (video below).

"Most of the pet owners that are using the product are using it for separation anxiety, things like hip dysplasia, arthritis, mobility pain, and aging, a lot of aging dogs are using the product," Julianna Carella, owner of Treatibles in the San Francisco area, told

"And then we have some dogs that have epilepsy that use the product with great success," Carella added. "Some dogs with cancer are also using the product."

Carella's website, Treatibles, states: "Our product contains no THC so animals can enjoy all the benefits without getting your animal high. Because all animals have an endocannabinoid system, benefits can be experienced from these non-psychoactive cannabinoids."

Heidi Hill, owner of the Holistic Hound pet store in Berkeley, California, told "We've had a tremendous amount of feedback from customers, a tremendous amount, saying how, from just it being a subtle change to being very, very dramatic."

The Holistic Hound website says: "Our mission is to help improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats. We provide ongoing support to our clients through consultations, inspiring on-site classes/talks, referrals to holistic practitioners and by offering the best products available."

As with medical marijuana for humans, the federal government has not approved this use of the plant for animals.

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