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Medical Marijuana Appears To Help Dog's Seizure (Video)

Medical Marijuana Appears To Help Dog's Seizure (Video) Promo Image

A video (below) posted on Facebook on June 29 purports to show a dog getting relief from medical marijuana at the Toledo Hemp Center in Ohio.

Kevin Spitler posted the video with this caption: "Watch CBD help this dog in under a minute! AMAZING!"

CBD is cannabidiol, an oil form of medical marijuana that has been used by people who get seizures, notes the Epilepsy Foundation website. CBD is not the tetrahydrocannabinol -- THC -- part of marijuana that gives people a "high."

In the video, the dog appears to be experiencing a seizure as it shakes its head uncontrollably.

An unidentified man shows a bottle of CBD oil, and then gives the dog some on its lips. In about a minute, the dog appears recover from its apparent seizure.

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Within a month, the video racked up more than 550,000 views.

While the dog has access to medical marijuana, House Republicans stripped the "Veterans Equal Access" amendment from the Veterans Affairs funding bill for 2018 on July 26, notes McClatchy DC Bureau.

The amendment would have permitted VA doctors to fill out forms for veterans who want to be part of state medical marijuana programs, which usually require the recommendation of a doctor.

"This is a subject that has gained a great deal more attention and momentum," Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who sponsored the amendment, told McClatchy DC Bureau. "More people recognize that the VA has really failed our veterans when it has come to pain management, opioids and opioid dependency."

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Blumenauer says his amendment was supported by nine Democrats and nine Republicans, "but somehow the [13-member] House Rules Committee decided it wasn't going to allow this amendment."

Because marijuana is illegal under federal law, VA doctors are barred from recommending medical marijuana or filling out the paperwork.

Ironically, House Republicans who support gagging VA doctors have complained many times about the regulations of the Affordable Care Act that supposedly come between doctors and patients.

McClatchy notes that Blumenauer's amendment passed the House in 2016 by a vote of 233-189, and the Senate 89-8, but the amendment was stripped out of the final appropriations bill for 2017.

"This isn’t going away. I think there’s an excellent chance it happens this Congress, as veterans become more and more outspoken about why they shouldn’t be treated like second class citizens," said Blumenauer, who is the founder of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus.

Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana introduced a similar amendment in the Senate's VA spending bill, which made it through the Senate Appropriations Committee by a 24-7 vote on July 13.

Sources: Kevin Spitler/Facebook, Epilepsy Foundation, McClatchy DC Bureau / Photo credit: Alfonso/Wikimedia Commons, certified su/Flickr, Chuck Coker/Flickr

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