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Medical Center to Study Pharmacogenetics in Autism


Israel's Assaf-Harofeh Medical Center is recruiting autism spectrum individuals from 3 years of age to 18 years of age - for an observational study with regard to pharmacogenetics. It is hoped that the mapping of the different types of P450 gene in children with autistic disorders will improve the rate of success of medical treatment and prevent adverse drug reaction. (link) The government ID number is NCT00859664.

From the study: Pharmacogenetics is the study of the role of different genes on drug behavior. The cytochrome P450 is the most important enzyme, involved in the metabolism of a vast number of drugs, including psychiatric medications. The multiple variations in this gene can result in the different response observed in different patients, even when treated with similar doses of the drug.

My autistic daughter had the great fortune of being identified as a poor metabolizer of the 2D6 enzyme, through the same type of test - at Mayo. It helped us to understand how very careful we needed to be with regard to necessary drug trials - due to worsening autism that looked like schizophrenia. She does have very atypical response to all medications, including over the counter. (See Generic and Brand Medication Differences, Sensitive Patients, In Autism, SSRIs Can Harm)

Contact information for this study: Ilan Youngster, MD 972-8-9779133.


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