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Med Student Could Face Academic Consequences After Reportedly Taking Selfie With Dying Patient (Photo)

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Mexico woman Maria Jose Gonzalez could face academic consequences after reportedly taking a selfie with a seriously ill patient.

In the picture, Gonzalez can be seen dressed in uniform with a stethoscope and smiling. Next to her, an elderly woman is lying on the bed.

“I was on duty and saw a lady was dying and then took a selfie,” Gonzalez wrote.

Gonzalez shared the picture through WhatsApp.

The photo, allegedly taken in the Valle de Mexico University medical facility in northeast Mexico, quickly went viral. Since then, Gonzalez has faced criticism for her lack of sensitivity.

On her Facebook page, Gonzalez wrote that the picture had supposedly been taken a long time ago with the permission of the patient.

“She told me some things about her life and as it was my first day of my internship, I wanted to have a souvenir,” Gonzalez wrote. “Yes I took several pictures but I did ask permission and she did agree.”

When commenters replied that the woman didn’t appear to be in the position to give consent, Gonzalez insisted that the woman was indeed sick and couldn’t close her mouth.

Gonzalez went on to explain that it’s unclear how the picture was distributed, since it had only been saved on her computer. She added that the patient hadn’t died during her shift and that whoever had spread the image probably wanted her to get kicked out of college.

The medical student wrote that “someone with a lot of cheek” was trying to harm her but that she would prove them wrong.

Valle de Mexico University has announced that it will perform a full investigation into the case, since the views expressed in the photo “don’t reflect the values” of the school.

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Sources: DailyMail, Breitbart

Photo Credit: Breitbart 


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