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Review: Ultima Replenisher is Perfect Sports Drink for Kids

My biggest victory as a parent so far (and as the second-guessing, guilt-ridden parent that I am, that’s sayin’ somethin’) is from the moment they started drinking from a sippy cup, they drank water. 

No juice, NEVER soda and no sports drinks. In fact, while when my two younger kids get the chance to swig orange pop, they are like little junkies selling their precious Pollys and XBox games for a hit, but my eldest rejects everything that isn’t water.

So, the interesting thing when I introduced Ultima Replenisher to the family was getting eldest to open his mind to the possibilities of flavour, and getting my younger to open the mind that a “treat” drink doesn’t have to tickle your nose!

I’ve been tempted to offer sports drinks to my kids during sickness and now with all of them so active in sports, but the amount of sugar was just not worth the compromise to get them anything other than simply hydrated.

Ultima offers a NATURALLY sweet alternative to everything else out there, so you and your child can get valuable electrolytes without also getting jacked up on endless tablespoons of sugar found in other brands.  It’s vegan friendly and gluten free with NO artificial ingredients. It’s great for everyone, from athletes to pregnant moms and is even recommended by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for keeping cancer patients more effectively hydrated.

Ultima “contains a full complement of electrolytes, not just a ton of sodium. Ultima also contains complex carbs for energy, water-soluble vitamins and vitamin enhancers for day-to-day health maintenance, and antioxidants to protect body systems from free radicals (toxins).”

The flavours are wonderful.  Subtly sweet and just so… so drinkable. Try the assortment pack and get all of them: Kiwi-Strawberry (my fave!), Wild Raspberry, Grape and Lemonade (recommend adding a squirt of lemon juice to amp up the lemon), and then commit to a favourite and go for the 30 or 90 serving canisters.

I love Ultima packed in my fanny-pack to keep me fresh during long runs, and have it close by for my flow practices.  The younger kids, of course, love it, and I feel good allowing a sweet drink occasionally, knowing they’re not overdoing the sugar.  And while eldest still chooses water as his first choice, he surprised me by requesting the Wild Raspberry for swim practice!


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