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McDonald's New 'Mega Potato' Fries has 1,142 Calories (Video)

McDonald's has released it's biggest calorie item ever in Japan (video below).

The "Mega Potato" is almost a full pound of McDonald's fries and contains a whopping 1,142 calories.

Ironically, McDonald's is trying to revamp its image in the U.S. with healthier offerings, such as the McWrap to compete with Subway. McDonald's also introduced the Egg White Delight.

The Mega Potato will be offered in Japanese McDonald's restaurants nationwide this week, reports the Consumerist.

There is some concern that the Mega Potato may become the biggest killer since Jodi Arias.

"The Mega Potato will set you back 490 yen and also cost you a large chunk of your dignity and possibly a few years of your life," reports Japan Today.

Sources:, Consumerist, Japan Today


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