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McDonald's Employees Claim Burns Are Treated With Mustard (Video)

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A video and petition, which recently started to circulate online, show the apparent first aid procedures at McDonald’s restaurants — which reportedly involve treating burns with mustard (video below).

“One day, under pressure to rush at my job at McDonald’s, I slipped on a wet floor. I reached out to catch myself — and I got caught on a hot grill,” the petition’s author, Brittney Berry, wrote. “My arm was burned. Badly. The managers had no first aid kit, no gauze. To treat the burn, they gave me mustard. Yes, mustard.”

Berry went on to claim that 4 out of 5 workers have reported being told to treat burns from hot grills and oil with mustard.

“Our bosses push us to work understaffed and fast — too fast — and we get burned,” Berry wrote. “The Department of Labor has the power to force McDonald’s and the fast food giants fix these terrible working conditions. But they need to hear from you and the thousands of Americans that stand with us. That’s why it’s so important that you speak up today.”

A video accompanying the petition (below) includes interviews with several anonymous people who say they were or are McDonald’s workers who told their own stories about mustard being used for burns.

“We have a box that says ‘first aid’ on it but there is (sic) no contents to it,” one worker said. “We haven’t had contents in that first aid kit in over almost a complete year now. It’s been empty.”

The petition, which called on Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez to step in and do something about the fast food chain’s first aid procedures, currently has more than 22,000 supporters.

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Photo Credit: Walter Lim/Flickr


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