McDonald's CEO Don Thompson Says He Lost 20 Pounds on McDiet

Though McDonald's is known for contributing to America's obesity epidemic, the company's CEO is insisting that he lost around 20 pounds after going on a McDiet.

Don Thompson was asked at a recent analyst conference how the restaurant was dealing with the rise of obesity. He said he lost around 20 pounds while eating McDonald's regularly.

But he also admitted that he had started working out again. He said the key to avoiding weight gain is moderation. 

"I think that balance is really important to people," he said. 

He said he doesn't always eat a Big Mac. Sometimes he will have a burger or a salad. But always makes sure he is physically active.

Thompson knows that salads are not popular at the fast food chain, as they make up only three or four percent of their sales. He said he doesn't see "salads being a major growth driver."

He has been CEO of the company for about a year, and said the chain offers customers a lot of healthy options. In order to see this, though, he said one must exercise. 

Basically, he is balancing the unhealthiness of McDonald's food with the healthfulness of exercising, but is unwilling to admit that the food is "junk." 

Sources: Inquisitr, USA Today


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