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Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Mike Hogan Jokes About Bombing Abortion Clinic

By Lisa Pearlstein

When did murder become a joke?  According to Mike Hogan, a candidate for mayor in Jacksonville, Florida, bombing abortion clinics is now a laughing matter. Earlier this week at a church-based mayoral forum, Hogan said he was anti-choice and that the only thing he wouldn’t do was bomb an abortion clinic and, with a laugh, added "but it may cross my mind." Audience members then applauded this incredibly disgusting statement.

Let me stop here to let you think about this. Hogan is running for mayor, and at a forum in a Catholic church, he laughed about bombing an abortion clinic.  The audience applauded.

Murder is not a joke, and no one, especially individuals running for political office, should jokingly condone such horrific acts of violence.

Abortion providers face daily struggles, and often extreme acts of violence, to help their patients. This past weekend, I read This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor. In this book, Dr. Susan Wicklund chronicles more than twenty years as an abortion provider where she was stalked by protestors and harassed at the airport, her house was barricaded, and she had to wear a disguise to work to avoid being physically harassed.

No person, including abortion providers who dedicate their lives to helping women in their time of need, should fear for his or her personal safety. Politicians should support women and their health care providers. Clinic violence is no laughing matter, and it is unconscionable for our government representatives to think otherwise.


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