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Mayor Gets Mammogram As PSA, Finds Out She Has Cancer

An Oklahoma mayor who underwent a mammogram as part of a Public Service Announcement for new breast cancer detection technology at a local medical center discovered that she had breast cancer herself.

Mayor Gina Noble of Stillwater, Oklahoma, had agreed to receive a mammogram on camera to promote new 3-D mammography equipment available at Stillwater Medical Center, and within 24 hours of the test, she obtained some unexpected information that could save her life. The results showed that Noble had breast cancer, according to Newser.

"I was meant to do that mammography," Noble said, "and thank goodness we did, because we did catch it early."

Noble said that her breast cancer is in stage zero, meaning that the disease is localized and has not spread to other parts of the body. She also noted that she has no family history of breast cancer, and has undergone mammograms before.

The new 3-D mammography equipment that helped Noble receive her diagnosis allows doctors to view breast tissue in 1-millimeter increments. The procedure allows doctors to quickly see many views of the tissue, whereas a 2-D scan may produce just one image at a time. Stillwater Medical Center's CEO said that Noble's mammogram took only about seven minutes.

Noble, who is on the board at Stillwater Medical Center, added that the radiologist who performed her mammography may not have been able to see her cancer in a regular mammogram, according to the Tulsa World. Currently, Stillwater is among the only three cities in Oklahoma which have the 3-D mammography technology. The other two are Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Noble said that her treatment will start by the middle of August. She also emphasized the importance of early detection, which decreases the likelihood that patients will need to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

"Please," Noble urged at a news conference, "make the call and schedule a 3-D mammography."

"It saved my life," she said.

"I feel very fortunate that I was sitting on the board and they thought of me to do this," she concluded. "Someday I won’t be here, but it’s not [going to be] because of breast cancer."

Sources: Newser, Tulsa World / Photo credit:

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