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Maurecio Bell Strangled When His Shirt Slips Into Escalator

Maurecio Bell fell on his back while on a King County Metro escalator in Seattle, Washington, which led to a bizarre death (video below).

According to the Seattle Times, the back of Bell's shirt was pulled into the escalator, which strangled him to death on about 5:30 a.m. Sunday.

The police report stated, during and after the fall, Bell did not attempt to get back up by reaching for a railing. When Bell got to the bottom of the escalator, the back of his shirt was pulled into it.

An unidentified bystander did press a manual stop button on the escalator and performed CPR before medical personnel arrived, but it was too late.

“It’s an unfortunate and tragic accident, and we’ve never seen anything like it before,” said King County Metro spokesman Jeff Switzer.

Police found a half-empty bottle of brandy on Bell and a surveillance video showed Bell  staggering on the escalator steps before his fatal accident, reports KVUE-TV.

According to a 2012 state government report, seven problems on the escalator were supposed to be fixed by March 27, 2013. State government spokesman Dave Wasser said that none of the seven fixes were made at the time of Bell’s death.

The escalator will remain closed until repairs are made.

Sources: Seattle Times and KVUE-TV


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