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Maternity Care and Health Reform: What’s the Story?

by Brigette Courtot, Policy Analyst, 
National Women's Law Center

Two recent news pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post have zeroed in on how the new federal health reform law affects women’s access to maternity care. NWLC has been monitoring this issue as part of our Reform Matters project for years, starting with our groundbreaking 2008 report on the challenges women face in the individual health insurance market, when we found that the vast majority of available plans did not cover maternity care. 

Now that health reform is a reality, we’re continuing our work to raise awareness about the many provisions in the health reform law that help women and families get the high-quality maternity care they need. Our new fact sheet “What Women Need to Know about Health Reform: Maternity Care” is just one of a series of topical fact sheets intended for anyone who cares about women’s health and wants to learn more about a specific aspect of the health reform law (other topics include the small business tax credit, making health care affordable, preventive care, and long-term services and supports). 

And if you’re wondering how women in a particular state will fare, check out our set of fact sheets on what health reform means for women in each state, from Alabama to Wyoming. Keep checking back, because we’ll continue to add new materials to these collections throughout the summer!


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