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Police: Kids Hospitalized After Ingesting Marijuana-Laced Candy In Harvard, Massachusetts

Harvard, Massachusetts, police are warning parents that multiple children have been hospitalized after eating candy laced with marijuana. The edible drugs can be bought commercially or can be made at home.

The Harvard Police Department posted photos and a comment to Facebook on Tuesday describing how the candy can look. Part of it read: "Please take this serious and don't think 'it's just pot.' These are chemically altered items that are hurting kids. Please take a moment and look what your children have on them before they leave the house."

One bag, labeled EdiPure Red Fish, has a warning on it that reads, "Medical Use Only- Keep From Children," according to CBS Boston.

In October 2014, a large increase in edible marijuana products was making it harder for parents to determine if their children were using drugs, The New York Times reported. 

Colorado police and even dispensary owners urged parents and children to throw out any suspicious candy. Many edibles look like normal Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers or gummy bears. 

Police were worried that Halloween trick-or-treaters would end up with marijuana candy by accident, and warned parents to check all candy. While marijuana was legalized in Colorado, parents and police were worried about children being poisoned or hospitalized.

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Sources: CBS Boston, New York Times

Photo Source: CBS Boston, Harvard Police


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