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Maryland Public Schools Promote Ex-Gay Therapy to Stop Bullying of LGBT Students (Video)

In Maryland, Prince George’s County Public Schools have been using a video (below) that promotes “ex-gay” therapy as a solution for the bullying of LGBT students.

According to Washington City Paper, students in six middle-school health classes were shown the 21-minute video, which includes an actress claiming to be a student named "Maria" who explains how she was attracted to females and very unhappy.

“I was so confused!” Maria says. “I had dreams of being physically intimate with a woman. I was full of anxiety… I couldn’t imagine telling anyone that I was sexually attracted to girls.”

Maria recalls after getting help from her family, she stopped being attracted to females and more female students were friends with her.

“You know what else?” Maria says. “Some girls at school started hanging out with me. I felt accepted, like I really belonged. That was major. Over time as I got closer with my family and my friends, my sexual feelings for girls gradually went away. Really!”

After being contacted by Washington City Paper, Prince George’s County Public Schools decided to stop showing the video.

“We pulled the video because there was too much focus on alternative lifestyles,” spokesperson Briant K. Coleman told Washington City Paper.

Christopher Doyle, the producer of the video, is a board member of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX).

“As a youth, I was very confused and would have appreciated support for my unwanted same-sex attractions,” Doyle said in a 2009 statement. “All I heard, even from some teachers, was that I was born gay. But as an adult, I discovered there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.”

Source: Washington City Paper


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