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Maryland Police Arrest Man And Threaten His Girlfriend Over Suspicion Of Breast-Feeding (Video)

A Maryland man was arrested for disputing an allegation that his girlfriend was breast-feeding in their car at a gas station (video below).

Juley Harris, 29, and his family were getting gas when police approached and completely turned their day around.

Harris, a hip-hop artist who goes by the name DC Prophitt, went inside the convenience store after pumping gas and when he came back out, police came up to him and demanded to see his identification. They accused him of driving with an unrestrained baby in the front seat of the car.

The father denied the accusation, and showed the police that his 1-month-old daughter was restrained in the back seat of the car.

A Charles County Sheriff’s deputy insisted the baby was placed in the back seat after the family pulled into the gas station and that Harris’ girlfriend, Shanita Simms, was illegally breast-feeding in the front seat.

Harris assured the officer his girlfriend only had a blanket over her shoulder and that the child was in the back seat.

The deputy wrote Harris a ticket as another deputy showed up. Harris asked the deputies to call their supervisor, which made things worse for him.

Harris became angrier as the deputies continued to accuse him and his girlfriend of crimes. He said some curse words in his state of anger.

“You say one more curse word, you’re going to jail,” the deputy tells him.

“Can we just get the ticket and go?” Simms asked the deputy. “My daughters are in there.” 

After that, the deputy grabbed Simms and forced her to walk to the passenger side of the vehicle. He threatened to arrest her as well.

Harris asked the deputy what he was doing to his girlfriend and the officer said, “Now you’re under arrest.” He was then handcuffed and brought to the police car.

Simms asked the deputies why Harris was being arrested and was told to sit in the vehicle. The deputy threatened to arrest her as well if she didn’t get in the car.

The video ended abruptly after that, but according to Harris, Simms didn’t stop recording there. He says that after he was put in the patrol car, the deputies approached Simms and confiscated her camera and phone, which they gave back just days before their court date. The end of the video was reportedly not there when she got her camera back.

According to Harris, he was found guilty of all charges on Oct. 21. The police blamed him for negative calls the department has received in response to his arrest.

Sources: RawStory, YouTube / Photo credit: RawStory


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