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Mom Finds Something Disturbing In Daughter's Capri Sun Drink (Video)

Maryland mother Sherry Mihm has vowed that her kids will never drink another juice pouch again after she reportedly found mold in the bottom of a Capri Sun (video below).

Mihm told ABC News that her daughter was trying to suck juice out of a Capri Sun drink, but she couldn’t because something was blocking it. When Mihm looked inside, she found a “giant glob” in the pack.

Mihm reached out to Kraft Heinz Company, the parent company of Capri Sun, and they confirmed that the substance was mold.

“It’s mold. Is it going to hurt her?” Mihm told ABC. “Because I don’t know what kind of mold that is.”

Kraft Heinz noted that the occurrence is “extremely rare.” However, the company added that the mold is common on other food like fruit and bread. While unpleasant, the mold is not usually harmful.

According to Bruce Anderson, Director of the Maryland Poison Center, the department receives 65,000 calls per year concerning moldy food. Anderson noted that it’s not generally a toxic problem and that the worst side effect is sometimes an upset stomach.

Anderson added that allergic reactions to food mold is fairly uncommon.

Despite claims that the mold is rare, at least 20 people have filed complains with the FDA about moldy Capri Sun since January 2013.

“I don’t see how they can sleep at night themselves,” Mihm said. “I think maybe their kids need to drink this instead of ours.”

According to Kraft Heinz, mold can develop in juice pouches if they are exposed to air. 

In November 2014, another mom said she found mold in a Capri Sun drink, Opposing Views reported at the time.

Sources: ABC News, Childrens MDOpposing Views

Photo Credit: ABC News Screenshot


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