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Mary Murphy of So You Think You Can Dance Beats Cancer

Highly respected judge of the hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance, Mary Murphy, announced this past week that she had won her long-standing battle with thyroid cancer.

As per her statements to Life & Style magazine, the celebrity judge received the good news about her condition and successful treatment on February 17. This, of course, came after she fiercely battled the disease with an assortment of treatment options all the while remaining a role model and inspiration to cancer sufferers everywhere for several years now.

"I just wanted to kiss my doctor!" Murphy told the magazine. "I definitely feel like there's an angel on my shoulder. I feel like somebody's looking out for me."

Originally, doctors found the tumor on Murphy’s thyroid three years ago. Yet, despite the getting the diagnosis a while back, she didn’t opt to have surgery to remove it until his past December 15.

"I'm very grateful, because I'm so upset at myself that I didn't go in earlier," says Murphy, 52. "They told me that the tumor had to come out and there's a chance I might not be able to talk again. Outside of the word 'cancer,' I really couldn't imagine my life without hearing myself laugh."

Now, Murphy will look to make her return to her hit show, So You Think You Can Dance, all the while remaining an advocate and model figure for cancer patients to look up to.

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