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Martha Glover, 77, Jailed for 'Comb' Attack, Suffers From Dementia (Video)

Martha Glover, 77, has been in jail for almost a week for allegedly attacking a fellow patient at a senior care facility with a comb.

Glover suffers from dementia, says civil rights attorney Jeff Kravitz.

He claims the Solano Life House in Sacramento, California failed to watch Glover and she should be in hospital, not a jail cell (video below).

“I don’t think the police ultimately had much choice about making the initial arrest,” Kravitz told CBS Sacramento.

“The fact she has dementia could not legally be a prohibition on making an arrest. Indeed the police have the right to detain people who have serious psychological problems if they are a danger to themselves or others."

Police claim Glover stabbed another elderly patient in the face and head with the comb, sending the victim to the hospital.

Glover's family says police were aware of her violent outbursts, which the Solano Life House was supposed to handle.

“They knew of the condition of the attacker, for lack of a better word. They have a duty and responsibility to protect her, even against her own actions,” added Kravitz.

Kravitz says that Glover’s family and the victim’s family have a legal claim against the Solano Life House.

Source: CBS Sacramento


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