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Marine Matthew Morgan Carries Disabled Boy, Ben Baltz, in Triathalon for Half Mile

Ben Baltz, 11, recently competed in a triathalon with a prosthetic leg. He completed the 150-yard swim and three-mile bike ride in the Sea Turtle Tri on Pensacola Beach, Florida.

However, a half-mile into the running part of the event, his prosthetic leg came loose and he went down, reports Panama City's News Herald.

Moments later, Pfc. Matthew Morgan, a Marine who had volunteered to help at the event, stepped in.

Baltz told the News Herald:" He said 'You need help?’ and I said, ‘Sure,’ and he picked me up and carried me."

Pfc. Morgan carried Ben for half a mile on his back. As they reached the end of the race, the crowd started cheering.

While Baltz was grateful for the help, but was embarrassed that he couldn’t complete the run on his own.

In 2009, Baltz's leg was removed because he had a type of bone cancer called 'osteosarcoma.'

Baltz's mother said: “He has no idea what the big deal is. He honestly does not. He thinks it’s the Marine."


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