Marijuana Wine Now on Sale in California

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People who love wine are called oenophiles.

There’s no equivalent word for connoisseurs of marijuana, and “stoner” doesn’t have the right association with elites and haute cuisine. But there’s a new recipe for wine on tap that leverages the love of both intoxicants – wine aged with marijuana.

The recipe, according to anarticle in the Daily Beast, is a pound of marijuana in a cask of wine. It works out to about a gram and a half of marijuana per bottle. The better the wine and the more potent the weed, the better the product it is said.

The chemistry is straightforward. Fermenting wine produces alcohol. The active ingredient in marijuana is soluble in alcohol, along with other “flavoring agents” that might be extracted. Leave it to extract out the goodies for the better part of a year and the result is a product that is gaining popularity with the wine sipping crowd.

The article doesn’t mention if drinking a whole bottle of the stuff would be equivalent to smoking 1.5 grams of marijuana, and it shouldn’t be. Marijuana that is eaten produces a different dosing profile than the quick high from smoking. And then there’s the added alcohol content from the wine.

Traditionalists in both camps probably aren’t impressed. Marijuana smokers might consider it a waste of good dope. Wine drinkers aren’t usually fond of playing around with tradition either.

On the other hand, there’s a bit of a mystique here – after all, it would be illegal for most people to drink it, especially when exported to other states that aren’t as lenient on marijuana as California.

Still, it might be a look into a future if marijuana gets fully legal status. And from reports, the product is actually pretty tasty.

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