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Mariah Carey is Jenny Craig's New Spokesmodel

Singer Mariah Carey has been unveiled as the new spokesmodel for the Jenny Craig diet plan after using their meal plans to lose 30 pounds.

Carey gave birth to twins in April and turned to Jenny Craig in July to help her drop the remaining weight.

The singer said she felt a “kinship” with the people working at the company because they had all experienced their own struggles with weightloss.

She says, “I feel better in every way… I was in a bad place physically during my pregnancy.”

Jenny Craig’s new television ads will feature a new song by Mariah called “Make It Happen”.

Carey stated, “I wrote that song from personal experience. (The song is) so fitting because a lot of people give up hope when they have had their kids and can’t lose that 20 pounds or 40 pounds, or they have gone through issues with weight their entire lives. It becomes so frustrating and debilitating that you give up.”

Carey has lost a total of 70 pounds since the birth of her babies.

She claims 40 pounds were actually water loss and the remaining 30 she lost with Jenny Craig.

Mariah follows in the footsteps of other celebrities that have promoted Jenny Craig, including Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, Kirstie Alley, and Valerie Bertinelli.


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