Many Parents Ignore Their Teens' Warnings to Drive Safely, Says Study


A new study released today shows that many parents ignore their teens' warnings about driving while texting or high on marijuana (yes, you read that correctly).

According to a survey the insurance company Liberty Mutual, 86 percent of teens have told their parents not to talk on a cell phone while driving, 80 percent told their elders not to speed, 40 percent of teenagers warned their parents not to text message while driving, while 18 percent told their moms and dads not to drive vehicles while under the influence of pot.

A whopping 40 percent of teens say their parents ignore their safety warnings, or try to justify their dangerous and illegal behavior.

A staggering 83 percent of teens claim their parents practice unsafe driving behaviors while they are in the car with them.

“We’ve inundated teenagers with safe-driving messages,” Dave Melton, managing director of global safety at Liberty Mutual, told Bloomberg News. “They’ve experienced the consequences, they’ve put the candles against the telephone poles to remember a friend, or something like that, and they wonder why their parents don’t do this.”

“Teens are reporting an observation that they see,” added Melton. “Perhaps they’ve inflated the numbers a little bit just like their parents have. But I think parents are trying to justify their bad behaviors and suggest that yes, of course they’ll take action.”

The study included 2,537 teens in 11th and 12th grade, as well as 1,000 parents of teen drivers.

Sources: Liberty Mutual, Bloomberg News (Image Credit: Fry1989)


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