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Man's Plea For A Kidney For His Wife Goes Viral

The online forum Reddit is used for everything from exchanging cat photos to discussing current events, but after a Colorado man put an ad for a kidney donor for his wife on the back of his truck, the Internet poured its heart out.

Reddit user djaudibe snapped the photo of the ad, which included the phone number for the University of Colorado Hospital, and posted it to Imgur and Reddit. 

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Another user, gmx25 is getting tested to see if he could possibly donate a kidney to Michelle Stewart, the woman who needs the transplant.

Though Michelle hasn’t received a transplant yet and it’s unclear if gmx25 can donate his, she said she was grateful for the outpouring of support. “Thank you. The support on the Internet has been amazing,” she wrote on Reddit. “I’ve gone from no hope and struggling to share my story to millions of people seeing it. I’m without words. I feel very blessed and honored.”

Michelle explained in a post on Imgur that she’s been struggling with lupus, an autoimmune disease, since she was 13. Since being diagnosed, she’s been through two comas, a stroke, seizures, temporarily paralysis and chemotherapy. One of the comas left her with kidney damage.

Sources: Imgur (2), Reddit

Image via Imgur


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