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Watch: Thousands Of Head Lice Crawl On Man's Scalp (Video)

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A man’s disturbing case of head lice was caught on video (below).

In the footage, the man’s hairline can be seen with thousands of bacteria-covered bugs crawling around — making his hair appear alive, the Daily Mail reports.

“'That's a very extreme case. He will have them in his eyebrows and his eyelashes - they will be falling down,” Hairforce founder Dee Wright told Mail Online.

“That person's scalp will be raw in places and infected," she added. "That will be running his system down like crazy. It's a major job to get that out. It's enough to make anyone feel itchy all over.”

Wright said that the man’s case was not the worst she’d seen. She even said she’s found entire nests inside clients’ hair.

“It's incredibly uncomfortable,” she said. “They are feeding off the blood of the host. You would be surprised how fast it proliferates.”

Watch the shocking footage below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

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