Man Says Soy Milk Gave Him Big Breasts (Photos)

A soy beverage producer in England is going to court after a man claims its soy milk caused his breasts and estrogen levels to dramatically increase.

Sydney Wellington, 54, switched from drinking cow's milk to soy after being told he may be lactose intolerant, Nigerian-News reports.

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“At first all was well, but after a few months, I noticed my breast were growing and my nipples started pointing out, like those of a pubescent girl,” he said.

Wellington says his behavior also started to change.

“My sexual desire disappeared,” he said.“My penis -- I won’t say it atrophied, but it was so flaccid that it looked very small in comparison with the way it used to be. Even my emotions changed.”

His attitude also changed.

“I’d break out and cry at a sad movie, that kind of thing. It just wasn’t like me,” Wellington recalled.

Concerned, he went back to the doctor.

After performing tests, the physician confirmed the man’s estrogen levels had increased eight times the average amount for men -- and even that of some healthy women.

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“It seems my patient developed a severe form of gynecomastia which is a noncancerous increase in the size of breast tissue,” explains his physician, Dr. Allan Greenwall, reports Not Allowed To.

“His diet high in phytoestrogens would also explain his extreme mood swings, irritability, decrease of libido and lack of rationality, all symptoms similar to women suffering from PMS,” he adds.

Wellington soon stopped drinking the soy milk. Since then, he says, his attitude has improved.

It’s not the first time soy products have been linked to health changes.

In 2013, a transgender Belgian man realized he wasn’t a woman after he stopped consuming soy products, according to Nigerian-News.

According to Dr. Steve of Men’s Fitness, while there have been cases where drinking too much soy could create such alterations, most men do not need to worry about soy products.

"Soybeans are a rich source of a set of molecules called 'isoflavones,'" the site notes. "These substances have weak estrogen (female hormone) activity and have been used for years as "natural" remedies for hot flashes in menopausal women. Since male transgender patients take estrogens to stimulate breast growth, it has been assumed that soy might have the same effect. This appears to be a myth, or at least is not supported in the medical literature.” 

Sources: Nigerian-News,Not Allowed To, Men's Fitness / Photo credit: Love Krittaya via Wikimedia Commons

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