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Manhunt Underway After Two LA Cops Were Shot While Entering Wilshire Station

Two Los Angeles police officers were injured after a gunman opened fire on their car as they were entering the Wilshire Community Police Station.

One officer suffered a graze wound to the back of the head and the other was shot in the hand. Luckily both are in stable condition and working with other officers to identify the suspect responsible for the shooting.

The incident occurred at about 4:30 a.m. in Mid-City as the officers pulled up to the station in a white sedan. As the driver was swiping his ID card to get in the gate, an unknown gunman opened fire on the two from behind. The officers returned fire with other officers who immediately responded from inside the police station, but the gunman was able to escape.

A search for the gunman immediately ensued as the police department closed off a half-mile stretch along main roads surrounding the station, and businesses within a 25 block radius were told to remain closed while the officers searched for the shooter.

SWAT units and at least one K-9 unit responded to the scene and snipers were positioned on top of the Wilshire Community Police Station to look for the suspect.

So far, the police have received one tip about a suspicious man in the area. According to two residents, an “excited” man approached them that morning as they were leaving for work and asked to use a cell phone.

Police are treating the shooting as an attempted assassination of the two officers.

"This was a blatant attempt to assassinate two of the people who protect this community," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to NBC4 Los Angeles.

At least four people have been detained by police since Tuesday morning, but police have been unable to confirm if they were involved or not.

The two officers that were targeted by the shooter are undercover burglary detectives, one of which has been on the force for 20 years and the other for 11. 

Sources: Newser,NBC4 Los Angeles


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