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Manhattan Mom's Custody Threatened Over Her Abortion While Wealthy Ex Asks For Child Support Back

Custody battles often turn ugly. But the one raging between a Texas multimillionaire and his ex-wife in New York, which brings the mother's sex life into the question of fit parenting, could be one of the filthiest on record. 

Manny Mehos, the 59-year-old founder of Green Bank, was awarded temporary custody of the two kids he shares with Lisa Mehos, 38, according to the New York Daily News. He just placed a bid in court to stop paying his $5,000-per-month child support payments — and to get her to repay everything he’s given her and the kids since last April.

Lisa Mehos lives in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with the children, ages 3 and 5.

“She needs that money to maintain her residence,” said Lisa’s Texas lawyer, Mike Von Blon. “He’s trying to put the final nail in her coffin.”

But the case also represents a battle of the sexes, with Manny Mehos and his legal team dealing only the lowest blows.

After a six-year marriage, the couple divorced after Manny Mehos confessed to having had relations with prostitutes dozens of times during their marriage. His lawyer, Eleanor Alter, who represented Mia Farrow in her custody battle with Woody Allen, then used evidence that Lisa Mehos had had an abortion several months after the divorce to claim that she was a hypocrite who should not have custody of her children.

 “[At] the time that she told him that he couldn’t have the children for Easter because he was an atheist, she was having an abortion,” Alter argued in a Manhattan Supreme Court

Justice Lori Sattler allowed the arguments “purely for credibility issues alone relating to her prior sworn testimony, and not due to the content contained therein,” despite the outcry from Lisa Mehos’ attorneys.

Lisa Mehos called her ex-husband’s grab for her wallet “cruel and vindictive” — but not “as devastating and heartbreaking as taking children from their mother.”

Sattler is due to rule on the custody trial any day now, while a hearing for the child support bid will occur Wednesday in Houston, the Daily News reports.

Sources: New York Daily News, New York Post


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