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Man Wielding a Knife Tasered in Front of Buckingham Palace (Video)

A man was tasered outside of Buckingham Palace in London on Sunday for brandishing a couple of knives and threatening to hurt himself.

Around noon today, tourists were waiting to watch the normally well-planned Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of the palace when an unidentified man broke through the police barrier and emerged in front of the crowd, holding one knife to his throat and another in his other hand all the while yelling unintelligibly.

Metropolitan police say the man -- who is about 50 years old -- was acting aggressively and they had no choice but to tackle him before he could hurt himself or anyone else.

Several bystanders filmed the odd series of events and posted the video online. The video posted below, though shaky, shows the man turning in circles with a knife to his throat and may have taken a swipe at an officer before he was tased.

“A man just started running towards the palace. I just saw him running towards the front gate. I think he had three knives,” Kevin Burrows, 33, told The Telegraph. “Then the police suddenly surrounded him.”

Reports say the man was arrested and taken in for questioning and a medical examination, according to the Daily News.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony occurs once every two days and is a choreographed march during which one regiment of guardsmen takes over the responsibility of guarding the palace and the Queen from a previous regiment.

The royal family was not at the palace on Sunday and are believe to be at their estate in Sandringham.

Source: Daily News, Daily Beast


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