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Disabled Man Beaten By Neighbor Dies

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A disabled man who was attacked by a neighbor has died after spending two years in a coma.

Matthew Sheehan, 36, was attacked by his neighbor, 38-year-old Raymond Burrell, in September 2015, according to BBC. Burrell had reportedly been annoyed by the man's complaints about his dog's barking.

Matthew had been heard shouting "shut up" and complained multiple times about the dogs.

Burrell dragged Matthew, who walked with a cane, out into the street and attacked him, according to Daily Mail.

Matthew was left in a coma after the beating, with fractures to his nose and eye socket, a swollen mouth and bruising on his brain. The victim also had marks on his body matching up with those from being dragged, and the imprint of a shoe.

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Burrell left Matthew in a pool of blood after the attack, then came back to attack him again so he would "not be able to testify to what happened."

The jury in the case acquitted Burrell of attempted murder but convicted him for causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Burrell was sentenced to life in prison in April 2016, with a minimum of eight years before he could apply for parole.

Judge Paul Thomas said in the case that Burrell had "a callous indifference to human life."

"You were indifferent whether he lived or died as long as he couldn't tell anyone what happened," Thomas said.

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Matthew, of Cardiff, Wales, remained in a vegetative state for two years before his death on Nov. 9. His father, Martin Sheehan, described how he could not recognize friends of family, and struggled to breathe without a tube.

"All we can do is hold his hand," Martin had said of his son's state.

"The life he had has been taken away by Raymond Burrell," said Martin. "We can't believe Raymond Burrell has put us through such agony."

"It is difficult for us to understand how someone could inflict such horrific injuries on another person -- more so on a vulnerable person who can't even defend themselves," said Matthew's family during the trial. "And when it is your own flesh and blood it is even harder to deal with."

Burrell had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend, 17-year-old Amie Miles, in 1993. Miles was shot through the heart after Burrell said his gun was triggered accidentally, killing her.

Burrell served seven years in prison for Miles' death.

Burrell had also reportedly stabbed two doormen at a nightclub when he was 16 after he was not allowed to enter.

Police in South Wales said they were aware of Matthew's death, and were in contact with the Sheehan family.

"The South Wales Police major investigation team is now liaising with Mr. Sheehan's family, the Crown Prosecution Service and HM Coroner in respect of his death," said a police spokesperson.

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