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Man Who Suffered Neurological And Nerve Damage After Taking Ecstasy Warns Others Not To Do The Same (Video)

20-year-old Jordy Hurdes of Australia took an Ecstasy pill, but instead of a few hours of partying, he could be facing a lifetime of brain and nerve damage (video below).

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Hurdes wrote that he’s lucky to be alive but that there’s a possibility “of a permanent stutter and twitch.”

He begged people not to make the same mistakes he did.

“Please please please don't take the ‘cheaper fun’ option," he wrote. "Because you never know if it could [happen] to you. If I can get this into at least a couple of people's heads then I could have saved someone's life.” 

The post has received over 28,000 likes since it was posted on Nov. 21, but Hurdes also followed up with a video that has been viewed more than 2 million times, demonstrating just how bad his stutter and twitch are.

“The party scene’s pretty big these days in Australia, and so is Ecstasy,” he says in the video. “Look guys, this isn’t for sympathy or anything, this is for awareness.”

“It’s played a huge part in my life and affected a lot of people in my family as well as my friends. Doctors can’t believe I’m still alive, so I’m grateful I’m still here. It’s a waiting game at the moment to see whether I’ll have permanent jerking like I do now, and with my stutter I’m not sure it will get better any time soon. But just, please guys, don’t get sucked in. It all seems like fun and games and a cheap $25 pill – but it’s not worth it.”

Hurdes says he hopes the video goes viral so “more lives can be saved.”

Sources: Jordy Hurdes/Facebook (2) Image via Jordy Hurdes/Facebook

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