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X-Rays Show Wire Stuck In Man's Urethra

A very embarrassed 25-year-old man took a trip to the emergency room in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in southeastern China on Oct. 20, after a piece of wire reportedly became lodged in his urethra and later moved into his bladder.

A video of the man’s hospital visit shows a CT scan of a metal coil inside his pelvic area, reported. Doctors can be seen puzzling over how to remove the wire.

The patient, who has not been identified, will most likely undergo surgery to remove the wire in order to avoid infection, according to

Although the patient allegedly declined to say how he managed to get a piece of wire lodged in his penis, doctors believe the incident was sex-related. It’s possible the man was engaging in a BDSM practice known as "sounding," in which “smooth, long, and thin surgical steel rods called 'sounds' [are inserted] ... into a man's urethra,” according to Go Ask Alice, a sex education resource from Columbia University.

Sources:, Daily Mail, Go Ask Alice / Photo credit:


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