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Man Visits Dentist For The First Time In 10 Years — You Won't Believe What His Teeth Look Like (Video)

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A man who visited the dentist for the first time in 10 years was found to have some serious plaque build-up, and you won't believe what his teeth looked like after so many years without dental care.

The condition of Morimoto Katsu's teeth was so bad that video of his dentist removing plaque from his teeth was posted to YouTube, with a full description of the situation included along with it. "Katsu shows up last visit with a decade of calcite and plaque built up due to authentic Japanese cuisine, smoking, and having never flossed. Plaque that is not removed can harden into tartar, a hard mineral deposit that forms on teeth and can only be removed through professional cleaning by a dental professional," uploader Campbpar wrote. "When this happens, brushing and cleaning between teeth become more difficult, and gum tissue can become swollen or may bleed. This condition is called gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease.

"Flossing helps remove debris and interproximal dental plaque, the plaque that collects between two teeth. Dental floss (or dental tape) helps clean these hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and reduces the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay."

Viewers on YouTube responded to the video after it went viral, expressing their disgust with the severely deteriorated teeth.

"How did I get to this side of Youtube again?” one viewer wrote. "I'm gonna go brush my teeth now, like right now," another said.

Watch the dentist remove Katsu's plaque build-up below.

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