Man with Tourette Syndrome Denied Access to JetBlue Fight Because He Said ‘Bomb’?


Michael Doyle, who suffers from Tourette syndrome, says he was prevented from boarding a flight from Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Thursday after he said the word "bomb."

Doyle was reportedly denied access to the JetBlue flight because of the outburst, despite having alerted airline and TSA officials about his condition.

"With all the stuff in the news about the Boston bombings and stuff, I started ticking 'bomb.' Because that when I get nervous and anything on my mind will come out," Doyle said when interviewed about the situation.

Doyle was flying to San Juan to participate in a Revolutionary War reenactment with a friend. But his trip was essentially cancelled when he wasn’t allowed to board the plane.

A Jet Blue official said Doyle "was deemed a safety concern by the pilot in command" after using the word "bomb," though the situation was later deemed "innocuous."

"It doesn't make up for the embarrassment or the fact that we missed something that we'd been planning for two years," Doyle said.

Sources: FoxNews, TopNewsToday


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