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Man Hospitalized After Swallowing Razor Blade Baked Into Loaf Of Bread


Osman Sariboga, 36, swallowed a razor blade after it had been accidentally baked into a loaf of bread from a local bakery in Kocaeli in Western Turkey. 

Sitting down to eat the bread with some chicken, he did not expect to be spitting up blood later that meal, the Mirror reports.

His wife Dilek, 30, acted fast and called the ambulance.

"He began coughing up blood and wheezing and then he just collapsed," she told reporters. "I think I was in shock. I immediately rang for an ambulance and told them he had swallowed a chicken bone."

Dilek did not expect the issue to be a razor blade, however.

"I couldn't believe it when they later pulled out a razor blade," she said.

Sariboga was then taken to the hospital where he was rushed into surgery. 

"Surgeons managed to recover the razor blade which had cut open the inside of this throat and had even damaged his heart," a hospital official said. "Now he is in a critical state in intensive care but it is lucky his wife was with him at the time as had he been alone he would most certainly be dead."

The city of Turkey has fined the bakery due to the incident. 

A bakery spokesman told reporters: "The tragedy occurred after a blade used for scoring the bread accidentally detached from its holder. We have now banned the use of razors and introduced plastic knives for scoring the bread."

This is too little to late for Dilek though. She now plans on suing the bakery for damages.

Officials in the city have ordered all bakeries to cease the use of razor blades in their baking practices, and will now offer plastic knives free of charge.

Source: The Mirror

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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